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This project won a Honorable Mention


The project stems from two considerations: the square currently lacks not only urban furnishings that create opportunities of interaction, but also [and especially] an IDENTITY.

Therefore, it seemed appropriate to design an infrastructure that would not be a foreign object, but instead something able to enhance existing characters, anchoring this hardware to the place, while bringing new dynamics.

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The only interesting element is the canopy of the existing building, which is metaphorically extended to create a series of dynamic, but not prescriptive spaces, allowing users' appropriation.

We imagined rooms,

open, covered, with tables or as a playground:


Around these rooms we have built a pergola.

To this regular geometry we superimposed a softer one that generates another series of possible rooms.

Movable curtains enclose some volumes and open up others, generating ephemeral and ever changing spaces.

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The brief specifically asked to propose a solution that would be self built and that would consider the life of the materials after the installation would be dismissed.

The project use yellow timber panels used in construction for concrete formworks, which, once dismantled, would be donated to carpentry workshops to be transformed again into furniture. 

This proposal aimed not only at considering the life after the project, but also the life before it.

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0022. In Between // Pavilion in Florence

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