studio .traccia. was founded in 2020 by

Luigi Olivieri and Claudia Orsetti.

They both had the chance to work for almost 10 years, in great firms such as studio Tomas Saraceno, Cino Zucchi, SANAA, Heatherwick Studio.


They decided to bring back to their home country, Italy, all the skills, experience and knowledge they acquired throughout the years, and since 2021 they established themselves in Milan, a city they love because of its complex identity, between the Mediterranean and the Continent.

studio.traccia. works at the intersection of many worlds.

Usually architecture, sometimes installations, often photography; without forgetting the hours of totally speculative research, the time spent organizing talks or events and that one spent investigating conventions and ways to provoke them.


Doubts, questions, explorations and contaminations help formulate ideas that can move across many scales and can take many forms.


Being able to react to the constantly changing politics, social issues and environmental changes seems to be a duty, right now. And that is the reason why studio.traccia. engages in a diverse range of work, from private projects to public events, trying always to bring forward an idea and a narrative aimed at generating a synaesthetic discussion.    

For enquiries or just to say hello

you can find us here