studio .traccia. was founded in 2020 by

Luigi Olivieri and Claudia Orsetti.

They both had the chance to work for almost 10 years, in great firms such as studio Tomas Saraceno, Cino Zucchi, SANAA, Heatherwick Studio.


They decided to bring back to Italy, their home country, all the skills, experience and knowledge they acquired throughout the years, and since 2021 they established themselves in Milan, a city with a complex identity, between the Mediterranean and the Continent.

The studio works at multiple scales, always turning the constraints they are presented with into opportunities.

Their architecture, made of collisions and contradictions, is always driven by a strong idea (or narrative) which is the compass and the governance of both its physical manifestation and its experience. Giving identity and defining the times of the experiences through all the fundamentals of architecture is the definition of making spaces,  and the approach of the studio to every project.


Sustainability of resources but especially

sustainability of thinking 

is at the core of the studio's ethos, which is expressed through

sharing, connecting and interweaving both knowledge and people.

Collaboration is key - with consultants, colleagues, and clients. 

But also with figures outside the pure field of architecture

(if you want to know more check .tracce.)

studio .traccia. also believes in

sensible micro-development,

the reason why it's working also in that direction - trying to connect in a different way quality architecture with the building industry and the real estate industry.

For enquiries or just to say hello

you can find us here