If in the past we used to try reducing the reading
of reality to a unitary vision, today we embrace and
understand the multiplicity of it. There is not one
reality, but there are many, different, multifaceted
visions that overlap and contrast.


Multiplicity is
opportunity, because it is problematic, it introduces
doubt, possibility, choice, it confronts us with
different points of view. In this sense it allows us
to expand, to change, to become something else.
So are the images.

The project aims to elaborate on this, through the use of Google’s image search. Photos of Gibellina Nuova and vecchia, rigorously found on the web are uploaded
into Google search engine, which through an algorithm, identifies “similar” images.


Each photo is then superimposed and overlapped to
all those produced by its own research and thus, it
transforms, it becomes something else, a product of
itself but above all of the multiplicity of existing images.

By looking through all the photos,
the superimposed image can be recomposed, but
the observer can slide the photos closer and further
away from each other, creating like this different and
multiple images.

This way, the photos presented here exist, but also disappear, they get recomposed in multiple ways, reflecting the current complexity of the world

(of the image).

0021. Images Gibellina