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Fabio Barile

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how I built this podcasts for 

innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists


Fearlessly dream and build new worlds


GrilloVasiu left some traces.



It's the engine towards what we think the future could be, it sets the ground for speculation

Walter Pichler

"Portable living room" 1967



It's the moment when a vocabulary with a common ground is shaped. We start to create our tools for a clearer vision of the fantasy. A reduction of unnecessary elements for a sharable vision, will define a specific reality for our project.

Costantin Brancusi

The infinite column



It's the moment where a fantasy starts to have a shape to be defined into something more concrete. in order to desire something it needs to have a shape, a face, it needs to start to exist.

Ancient Egyptian aerial plan of the Temple of Amun



It's the moment of negotiation, not only with your colleagues and clients but as well with your own principles, desires and ambitions.

They are constraints that we have to be able to transform into qualities and advantages instead of compromises.

Moskva Pool


A constant hunger for something new is necessary

Unknown Swiss Artist


The persistence of the Obvious

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Declaration of independency of a finite universe, where sometimes things are not what they seem. Old and new fragments working together to find a possible way of living.


The traces of Marco Barbieri.

the talk
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An Atlas of War and Tourism in the Caucasus

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"Homo Urbanus is a cinematic odyssey offering a vibrant tribute to what we have been most cruelly deprived of: namely, public space.
Taking the form of a free-wheeling journey around the world (10 films, 10 cities), the project invites us to observe in detail the multiple forms and complex interactions that exist every day between people and their urban environments.

Somewhere between visual anthropology and observational cinema, these films put urban man under the microscope and encourage us to take a closer look at individual and collective behaviour, interpersonal dynamics, social tensions, and the economic and political forces that play out every day on the grand stage of the city streets.

These films explore our condition as a human animal and the way in which the city—this artificial environment that we build around us every day like an extension of our contemporary bodies—shapes and conditions us. Yaken on the fly, these visual notes look at urban man not only within his group but also in the depths of his solitude, redesigning the outlines of the city according to a kind of emotional geography. More than mapping out an area, the idea is to allow a city to speak through the ways in which it is used, in order to show the shifting nature of its human landscape and to understand what local singularities remain in the context of the wholesale globalisation of our urban lifestyles. By assembling these different films, this installation looks at cities as unique responses to the global challenge of living together.

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