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ideas, inspirations and provocations

Tracce is a series of conversations organized by Studio Traccia.

In Italian, traccia is a preparatory drawing;

it also means a mark left by an object as indication of its passing,

while tracciare, the verb, means to show new possibilities, other solutions.

So somewhere in between the concept of the beginning of something and the idea of leaving a trace,

there is the sense of exploration.

With that spirit, we decided to start Tracce.

Tracce means traces, and traces are left by pioneers and read by explorers.

What we seek for our practice, but especially for ourselves, as humans

is to get "contaminated" by a number of different things

(apologies for the bad choice of words in this period…!)

For this reason we invited a series of people,

from the whole creative industry, who through their work are

challenging establishments.

Expanding conversations towards different fields, allows us

to transversally read and discuss common traits

from different points of view and build a database where

ideas, inspirations and provocations are shared.

The aim is to explore new cues, establish new connections,

interweave a network of people and hopefully

fuel unexpected collaborations.

The format is simple

One live episode every Tuesday

One hour

One guest


Every guest will nominate a new one

for the next conversation.

We want the network to expand organically 

and the topics to take interesting turns.

Check out the episodes

to find out the next guest.

Tracce indaga la creatività contemporanea.
Tracce espande le sue conversazioni a tutti i campi.
Tracce confronta diversi punti di vista.
Tracce stabilisce nuove connessioni.
Tracce da una lettura trasversale.
Tracce guarda alle convenzioni. E le provoca.
Tracce vengono lasciate dai pionieri e interpretate dagli esploratori.
A noi piace essere entrambi.

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