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Sustainability means not only showing solar panels or trees on roofs... it means instead generating new strategies that allow buildings to change in these constantly shifting times that we are living. 

The building is a framework for activity, allowing many functions to happen. The idea is based on the concept that the building must change over time and provide spaces that can mutate according to public functions changing needs. 

Strategically placing the new building at the edge of the plot, allow to generate public connections towards the park and the city, rejoining and enhancing the urban fabric. 

210526_Piante_Pulite Pubblicazione-01.jpg
210526_Piante_Pulite Pubblicazione-02.jpg
210526_Piante_Pulite Pubblicazione-03.jpg
210526_Piante_Pulite Pubblicazione-04.jpg
210526_Sezione Pubblicazione-01.jpg

The main architectural element of the buildings is a

public stair 


0023. Multispace - City Hall Folignano

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