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For Milan Design Week 2021 we have collaborated with ALCOVA

bringing Tracce live and changing its format.

We will share the explorations made so far and question them from new and different

points of view.

We selected some of the most interesting themes that emerged during the online talks and asked architects, photographers, videographers, designers, etc. to discuss them on stage, commenting on a series of images curated by us, that somehow represent or interpret the topics.
An open discussion, a confrontation in which the entire public is invited to participate.

A moment of exchange, that rather than giving answers, it’s intended to formulate new questions, to make unexpected connections at the edges of different disciplines, from which new knowledge and new narratives can then be generated.

Alcova will open to the public from 4 to 12 September 2021. 
No advance booking required.

All the talks will run from 5pm to 7pm.

ALCOVA 2021 new venue:  
Via Simone Saint Bon 1, Milan
METRO Inganni  M1

As required by the decree-law n. 105 of 23 July 2021, dating from 6 August in Italy it is compulsory to show a Covid certification (green pass) to access congresses, conferences, conventions and cultural events.

06 September 2021


5-7 pm

| traccia |


Davide Rapp (videographer)
Sebastiano Leddi (editor in chief Perimetro)
Giacomo Ardesio (Fosbury Architecture)

“Gloriously Repeating”
Lo spazio
all’ / dell’ imagine.

Repetition to look slowly, in a different way, more attentive.
Repetition as an act of knowledge or as a ritual.
Repetition as propaganda or as a form of resistance?
An average of 3.2 billion images are exchanged online every day.
Each one, in its own way, represents today's reality, where more and more often the official storytelling of the "Authors" is replaced by spontaneous self-narratives, in which immediacy and form prevail over content. Everything becomes participatory, everything is collective, and yet less and less attention is paid to the Res Publica.


September 2021


5-7 pm

| traccia |


Fondamenta (architects)
Angela Rui (curator)
Simone Bossi (photographer)

Data (matters)
Il momento surreale

The Evergreen cargo ship stuck in the Suez Canal has become a symbolic image of a society where goods are still moving too much compared to data. Yet about 2.5 quintillion bytes are created every day, and our lives depend more and more on the digital world.
What are the material and spatial consequences of data production and consumption? Can virtual places replace physical ones?
Design must become the translator and interpreter of a world made up of bits,

but the data itself is the tool of design. How do you laterally look at this information, decoded and mapped according to scientific rules, to reconstruct a complex message that can produce culture, rather than a simplification?
In this context, (how) do we still interrogate ourselves about beauty? Does this become an "analogic" gaze that produces nostalgic effects, a technical virtuosity that challenges the impossible or an element of the unconscious?


September 2021

5-7 pm

| traccia |


Beka & Lemoine (film makers)
Crafting Plastics! (designers)
Studio Folder (agency for visual research )

Urban (anthropology)
(creative?) process
(unstable) boundaries



A Sensitive Observation | Ecumenopolis | Social Condenser | Circular Economy | Non-Extractive Architecture | A Moving Border | Life cycle | Anthropocene | Local-Global | Governance & Institutions | Relational Dynamics | Terraforming-Anthropoforming | …

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