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ATTI fondamentali

A project by studio.traccia that draws inspiration from the iconic series of Superstudio of 1972, Atti Fondamentali (Fundamental Acts).
50 years later, now like back then.
Food for thought and acts of revolution, of a society that looks at itself and at its relationship with the planet.
As designers, we feel the need to contribute to the process of change necessary in this historical moment, generating spaces for thoughts, presence, sharing and communication, spaces for exchange that can facilitate transformative visions of the present and of possible futures. The project expands towards different fields, calls into action different disciplines, in a perspective of contamination that distinguishes the research of studio.traccia. It’s articulated into different moments throughout the year, translated into a series of performative interventions, events, talks and installations, which we will call ACTS.

Three topics, food, stone and data, that represent three fundamental aspects of our future as a society, will be the lenses to investigate old infrastructures and new attitudes, towards an ecological future.

“The process of creating a revolutionary society is passing through the critical phase of today’s society, of its way of producing, consuming, living.
The machine of production produces a second poverty perpetuating itself even after the achievement of its essential ends (the satisfaction of basic needs) always inducing new needs”

“It then becomes an act of coherence, or a last attempt at salvation, to focus on the redefinition of primary acts, and to examine ... what are the relationships between architecture [FOOD, MUSIC, PHOTOGRAPHY, ART] and such acts.”

Atti Fondamentali    Superstudio    1972


atti fondamentali programme





atti fondamentali programme

"Of the Land and Us: cartography of oblivion"
is a photographic project that maps altered territories, geographies manipulated by man, where the externalities produced by food, building materials and data are made manifest.

A phenomenological portrait that forms the basis for thoughts and future investigations.

A cross-disciplinary conversation to start this investigation, by discussing sustainability practices, new metabolic cycles and the responsibility of architects as Agents of change. With:

+ nebbia works 
+ ricehouse 
+ space caviar 
+ spazio meta    
+ threes



A dinner that talks about seasonality and territory, created by the chefs of Altatto. Animated by a “choreography” of tableware, which, assembled together, will materialize the waste produced by the dinner, transformed instead into new possibilities, new economies, new worlds?

Coming soon...

0033. A T T I  fondamentali

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