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We believe on the importance of taking the time of reflecting upon our own work

and to learn from it.

These here below are three very different residential projects, with very different needs; nonetheless they all took shape in a square floor plan and a pitched roof.

We used to look at them individually, but once we've observed them together we were able to draw new connections about our own practice and to reflect more thoroughly on our way of generating spaces and experiences.


ONE house / TWO houses / FOUR houses

1 casa - pianta 2.jpg
1 casa - pianta-01.jpg

A small shelther with a bedroom

to spend the night in the countryside.

A large fire place to spend the day

cooking and reading.

A cosy space for one person

that would live of the outdoors.


ONE house / TWO houses / FOUR houses


2 case - pianta-01.jpg

 A large villa with two units, that could eventually become one.


ONE house / TWO houses / FOUR houses


4 case - pianta 3-01.jpg

Four square units to form one larger square.

This was a project for a small developer who wanted to build 4 small single family houses.

We soon realize we liked the idea of thinking about four as well as thinking about one.

4 case - pianta 1.jpg
4 case - pianta 2-01.jpg

0030. On square plans

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