A new covered market that replace the historical mercato rionale in Monteverde.

A system of walls protecting a hidden garden at its heart - defining a new kind of flexibility between eternal and temporary.

Between the Macellum,

a type of Roman market with a central square

and the Hortus Conclusus,

a walled garden.


Precast concrete walls with a fine bespoke texture are the primary structure.

A lightweight roof in metal protects the market from the weather.

A system designed to be flexible.

LIGHT roof to cover the structure


temporary and INTERCHANGEABLE stalls

SOLID walls to contain

The structure decreases in height as you go towards the center.

Dealing with the URBAN SCALE towards the city

and the HUMAN SCALE towards the central garden

while forming an overlapping roof for water collection.

In this uncertain future, spaces need to be specific as well as resilient.

What if the market could be compartmentalized or become a museum, or a storage center?

006. Mercato S. Giovanni Di Dio